Tomas Ruiz is a first generation Dominican-American born and raised in Brooklyn New York. Brooklyn in the 90’s was in the height of the war against drugs and gangs ran the streets. His family made the difficult decision to send him to the Dominican Republic to attend High School. This is where his love for music began. His passion for music continues today as he DJ’s all types of events. He has DJ’d for top brands, artists and the Hottest Clubs in NYC. Now with 15 years of experience he is about to undertake the DJ Battle scene. With help from his mentor DJ Rob Swift he will make an appearance on the main stage soon. This project is a personal documentary of that journey and a formative beginning of a new journey in filmmaking.


We Talkin’ Practice is a documentary exploring the preparation necessary to succeed in a DJ competition aka Battle. Featuring Interviews with legendary DJ Rob Swift alongside other influential DJ figures. They give advise and share their own experiences about the importance and methodology in practicing for a DJ Competition. The story will be told through the lens of the filmmakers experience joining his first DJ Battle. With 15 years of DJ experience, he is the perfect person to tell this story and answer the question “How much practice does it take to win?” He will dispel the mysticism behind the tricks, sensational performances, crowd reactions and brutal judging. Embarking on this journey to uncover how practice, sacrifice and unbridled focus can turn spinning some records into a multi-million dollar career as a top tier global DJ.


Writer/Director: Tomas Ruiz
Producer: Tomas Ruiz
Co-Producer: Charles Sweeney
Director of Photography: Tomas Ruiz
Camera Assistant: Tomas Greer
Editor: Tomas Ruiz
Sound Designer: Tomas Ruiz


DJ Rob Swift
DJ Daddy Dog
DJ Statik Link
DJ Fingersmith
DJ Dirty Digits


2020 FILMS

  • Sky Colored Grass
  • The Saltiest Chips
  • Las Quitapenas
  • Mokshyam
  • A Little Holiday
  • It Happened In August
  • Hard of Hearing
  • Find Me at the Dinner Table
  • The Crossbow
  • Urpi
  • Pink Yellow
  • Good Health
  • Transparensea
  • Yesterday, I Dreamt About
  • Claiming Edge
  • Forever Twins
  • A Basket of Love
  • Singing in the Lifeboat
  • Bodega Nights
  • Dear Audrey Still
  • El Chuzalongo Still
  • Marcel the Muscle Man Still
  • Couscous, Hand-Rolled, With Olives Still
  • The Monk and The Rebel Still
  • Cuanacaquilitl Still
  • Ava Still
  • Forever Twins Still
  • A Coalfield Christmas still
  • The (Other) 700 Club
  • The Baton
  • Bastards still photo
  • Film: The Wealthiest Man in the World
  • Film: One Day
  • Who Was Lee Edwards?
  • Film: Right to Exit
  • Film: The 2020 Unmasked
  • Film: Burial
  • Film: The Coolest Club
  • Film: Love Me, Love Me Not
  • To Drown
  • Film: The Backpack
  • Film: Pasaj
  • Film: Breathe
  • I'm Home
  • Film: Amend
  • One Last Deal
  • Film: The Blue Cave
  • A Month of Sitting In
  • Microbus
  • Remember Who We Are
  • Last Summer on Bainbridge Street
  • We Talkin' Practice
  • Who's on Your List
  • The Vow
  • Whales Don't Come Here Anymore
  • Film: I Am Yours
  • Ni Aquí/Ni Allá
  • Film: Dry Rain
  • Film: A Way Back Home
  • Come Find Me
  • Don't Lose the Lesson
  • Film: It's Worth It