The Crossbow



Selcuk, is obsessed with building a crossbow, and he must embark on a journey to bring his dream into reality, however, he hits a brick wall. This eye-opening experience gives him a different perspective and a chance to reflect on his relations. Learning to navigate those new waters will require new skills, insight and deeper understanding.



Kaan Duran
Baturalp Aktas
Engincan Uskuplu
Kadir Onat
Ali Karadeniz
Huseyin Haci
Reyyan Yahsi Aktas
Eren Sevim
Bulent Cicek
Huseyin Dagli
Kenan Budak
Ali Atman
Tuncay Kos


Writer – Murat Vargelci
Director – Murat Vargelci
Producer – Murat Vargelci
Co-Producer – Nicholas Kennedy
Executive Producer – Nicholas Kennedy
Executive Producer – Joshua Koehn
Director of Photography – Warut Snidvongs
Sound Recordist – Nyeem Greenwood
Digital Image Technician – Nyeem Greenwood
Editor – Murat Vargelci
Production Assistant – Huseyin Enes Cevher


Murat Vargelci


Murat Vargelci’s long-term passion for writing gradually led him to script writing and then to filmmaking.

He won a first prize award in Toronto, Canada, in 2020 with his short script “The Poem” and it was produced and won several awards.

Murat, produced his first short “Desolate” in 2021 and received two Semi-finalist awards from Madrid Film Awards Festival and ARFF

Berlin Film Festival and the movie was selected to festivals all around the world.

He is currently attending the MFA in Film program at the City College of New York and working on his debut feature film.

2024 FILMS

  • Sky Colored Grass
  • The Saltiest Chips
  • Las Quitapenas
  • Mokshyam
  • A Little Holiday
  • It Happened In August
  • Hard of Hearing
  • Find Me at the Dinner Table
  • The Crossbow