A failed actor in his 70’s is presented with his second big break….a lead role on BROADWAY. Only thing is, he must memorize his lines by tomorrow. His wife and a few brutally honest old theatre friends, relive showtime in New York City to whip him back into shape and back into the spotlight.



Earl Ronald – Pitt Earl
Melle – Bunny Rabbit
Gloria Jung – Mel
Wendy Lazarus – Ruth
Judith Shakespeare – Peggy
Nyeem – Junior
Roberta Pikser – Suze
William English – Karl
Gabrielle Bayme – Nurse Gabby
Ian Gould – Bingo
Princess Bennett – Bingo Winner
Patricia Gregory – BG
Denise A. Monsanto – BG
Ronald Stewart – BG
Don McManus – BG


Thesis Advisors – Antonio Tibaldi, Andrea Weiss, Annie Howell, Andrzej Krakowski, Daniel Garcia, David Briggs, Deirdre Fishel, Deb Shoval, Felica Harden, Frankie Cuadrado, Jason Pollard, Jerry Carlson, J.T. Takagi, Octavio Warknock-Graham, Rich Guay, Shachar Langlev, Susan Mei, Tal Lazar, Warut Snidvongs


The Ostrovsky Family Fund Award in honor of Chantal Akerman, The Stag and Lion Theater, JASA, The City College of New York



Director/Writer – Nyeem
Director of Photography – Jakari Lister
1st Assistant Camera/Steadicam – Solomon Sylvester
1st AD – Artima Sakulkoo
2nd AD – Mari Blake
2nd 2nd AD – Shania Brown
Art Director – Sam Alvarez
Production Design – Pamela Ozcariz
Production Design – Melle
Production Design – Yury Vargas
Producer/Art – J. Steven Madura
Set Design – Murat Vargelci
Script Supervisor – Jenna Lucarello
Grip/Gaff/Electric – Chase Voldase
Gaff/DIT – Joe Shawyer
Grip/PA – Hilton Goode
Sound Recordist – Daniel Nosal
Sound Recordist – Tatia Mazmanian
Production Assistant – Nibhaya Nakarmi
Production Assistant – Eli Spang
Screenwriting Advisor – Eric Reeves
Screenwriting Advisor – Annie Howell
Screenwriting Advisor – Andrej Krakowski

Executive Producer – nyeeminc LLC.
Executive Producer – Nicholas Kennedy Productions
Co-Producer – Artima Sakulkoo
Co-Producer – Monica Vargas

Editor – Nyeem
Assistant Editor – Hilton Goode
Assistant Editor – Muneeb Bangash
Consulting Editor – Jason Pollard
Sound Advisor – Brian Goodheart
Sound Editing – Samantha Doyle
Sound Mixing – Tim Obzud
Composer – Josh Allen
Musician – Bar Tolmai
Vocals – Nyeem




Nyeem is a Manhattan-based filmmaker who started his creative career preforming standup comedy at the Laughing Skull Lounge in Atlanta, GA. Screenwriting, acting, and stand-up lead Nyeem to pursue a career in directing. Currently, he attends The City College of New York’s Master of Fine Arts program. This led him around the world, making films in Türkiye, Thailand, and Nepal. In 2022, he received the Chantal Akerman Award funded by the Ostrovsky Family Fund for his debut film “OFF BOOK” (2024). Nyeem plans to continue making films through his production company nyeeminc. LLC.

2024 FILMS

  • Sky Colored Grass
  • The Saltiest Chips
  • Las Quitapenas
  • Mokshyam
  • A Little Holiday
  • It Happened In August
  • Hard of Hearing
  • Find Me at the Dinner Table
  • The Crossbow