"A Little Holiday" - This Space Space: Issue #3



An alien visits a coffee house at an intersection of the multi-verse, in hopes of getting some much needed R&R. He and the other patrons soon discover that they are stuck in a time loop, and must follow planetary protocol in order to discover and break the mechanism causing the loop, even if it means ending their very own existence.



Abhishek Ojha as "Quanto"
Madeline Naylor as "Sholay"
Linus Gelber as "Conductor Barnes” and “Barnanin"
Aurèléa Kunkel as "Cowboy Schuk"
Jim Grant as "Vershin"
Martha Arndt as "The Sun"


Daniel G. Nosal - Writer, Director, Editor, Executive Producer
Joe Shawyer - Director of Photography
Nyeem Greenwood - Assistant Director
Nicholas Kennedy - Executive Producer, Assistant
Doug Youmans - Lighting/Electrics
Tatia Mazmanian - Audio Recordist
James Lacko - Producer, Audio Recordist
Stephanie Cox-Williams - SFX Make-up
Ariel Pellman - SFX Make-up
Aubrie Knapp - Choreography
Jim Grant - Stunts
Emily Donnelly - Wardrobe
Christine Pfister - Props
Chris Ramsden - Knives
Martha Arndt - Design Consultant, PA
Jared Pyle - Assistant
Dorian DeAngelo - Assistant


Daniel Nosal


Daniel Nosal is a filmmaker working towards earning his MFA in Film at The City College of New York. Since graduating Marist College in 2012, he has been working for NBCUniversal as a studio camera operator. With the help of like-minded friends, he has produced his own small films including the first two shorts in his This Space Space series, which have been featured at the Chattanooga, Philadelphia Unnamed Film and Portland Unknown Film Festivals. Nosal is now finishing up his graduate thesis film "A Little Holiday," which will act as the third movie in the This Space Space series.

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