It Happened In August



Aimme, a Thai immigrant who moved back to New York City after her mother passed away, is surprised when her ex-girlfriend, Sandra, shows up, hoping to rekindle their lovely old days in a late evening in August.

Aimme, a Thai immigrant, and her younger brother moved back to New York City after her mother passed away.

One evening in late August, as Aimme is working at a Thai restaurant, Sandra, her ex-girlfriend, shows up unannounced. Sandra is now an actor coach. She hopes to rekindle their lovely old day and bring the light back to Aimme’s life. The two lovers shared a heartfelt past.



AIM SURIYA (AIMME) – Artima Sakulkoo
SANDRA ROSARIO – Linsy Segarra
ARO SURIYA (ARROW) – Marvin Moser
JUNE – Nitinun Punprapai
APRIL – Valeria Aceves
MAY – Erin Morris
SUMMER – Mia Reece
JAY (JAN) – Wutthinan Meetian
DAD – Asake Sakulkoo
STUDENTS – Inuer Pichardo, Alpha Diakite, Nicholas Kennedy, Sophie Power, Chris Lesso
CHEF – Kate Issara
DJ – Randy Ferguson
CUSTOMERS – Jane Arisara, Priyanut Jankong, Nyeem Greenwood, Nibhaya Nakarmi, Byron Martinez, Chris Lesso, Randy Ferguson, Kate Issara



Directed by Artima Sakulkoo
Written by Artima Sakulkoo
Produced by Artima Sakulkoo & Nicholas Kennedy
Co-Producers – Linsy Segarra & Nyeem Greenwood
Executive Producers – Kate Issara, Charlie Abelmann, Pete Snyder
Director of Photography – Warut Snidvongs
1st Assistant Director – Nyeem Greenwood
Editor – Lucciana Pascual
Costume & HMU Designer – Cori Diaz
Music By Chris Lesso
Production Sound Recordist By Tatia Mazmanian
2nd Assistant Director – Murat Vargelci
Script Supervisor – Sophie Power
1st Assistant Camera – Joseph Shawyer
Still Photographers – Pratya Jankong & Chris Lesso
Gafferv– Byron Martinez
Best Boy – Nibhaya Nakarmi
Art Director – Memuna Epemolu
Wardrobe Assistant – Priyanut Jankong
Production Assistants – Xingchen Liu, Jane Arisara, Pattraporn Pollawit
Digital Colorist – Lucciana Pascual
VFX Artist – Ceasar Daniels
Sound Designer & Foley Artist – FerggDaRula
Graphic Designer – Kassandra Guerrero
Illustrator Artist – Priyanut Jankong
Original Soundtrack Artists – Linsy Segarra & Monna Punyabhuti
Thailand’s Team – Nyeem Greenwood, Warut Snidvongs, Kavita Kalra, Asake Sakulkoo
Camera & Grip Equipment – The City College of New York


Artima Sakulkoo


Artima Sakulkoo is a filmmaker/actor from Bangkok, Thailand.

In 2016, Artima pursued her education in the States. She attended Lindenwood University and received a BFA in Digital Cinema Arts. Her two short films are The Introvert (2018) and EXTROVERSION (2019).

From 2020 to 2022, Artima returned to Bangkok and worked as an assistant director for a commercial agency.

In the fall of 2022, she moved back to New York for her MFA in Film at The City College of New York. Her next film is titled It Happened In August (2024).

As a filmmaker, Artima wants to show her true identity by bringing more Thai immigrant and queer stories on screen.

2024 FILMS

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  • The Saltiest Chips
  • Las Quitapenas
  • Mokshyam
  • A Little Holiday
  • It Happened In August
  • Hard of Hearing
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