Sky Colored Grass



A playful then tragic romance inside a void, which emulates an absurd TSA line.

Landing inside of a seemingly never ending void, we find Skye and Caelus both attempting to make their way through an absurd TSA line. Both are given odd directions and commands to navigate their way out of the line. The void then begins to fall apart. Coming back to reality, we find both characters near death. Their bodies contorted in a field, giving their last dying breath, hopelessly staring into one another.



Cynthia Johnson as Skye
Brian Mendoza as Caelus
John Lichtwalt as Doug
Bill English as Old Soul
Travis John Martin as The Bartender


Writer/Director/Editor - Nicholas Kennedy
Director of Photography, Associate Producer - Samantha Alvarez
Assistant Director, Still Photographer - Artima Sakulkoo
Associate Producer, Sound Recordist - Daniel Nosal
Key Gaffer - Joseph Shawyer
Key Grips - Murat Vargelci & Byron Martinez
Script Supervisor/Sound Recordist - Nyeem
Production Manager, Associate Producer, and Animal Wrangler - Lauren McAuliffe
Production Coordinators - Jim Grant, Gillian Britt, and Travis John Martin
Post Production Consultant - Dave Kennedy


Nicholas Kennedy


Film Director, Playwright and Producer, Nicholas Kennedy has been a New York based independent Theatre Artist and Filmmaker since 2016. His Theatrical works have been produced at The New York Winter Theatre Festival, The American Theatre of Actors, The Chain, and Stag & Lion Theatre Co. His short films have screened at the New York Short Film festival, New York Short Film Tuesdays, and The New York Indie Theatre Film Festival.

2024 FILMS

  • Sky Colored Grass
  • The Saltiest Chips
  • Las Quitapenas
  • Mokshyam
  • A Little Holiday
  • It Happened In August
  • Hard of Hearing
  • Find Me at the Dinner Table
  • The Crossbow