Justin Filpes was born and raised in Miami, Florida, where his family would often take day trips to the Florida Keys for boating and kayaking. His earliest film influences can be traced back to watching Jaws as a toddler at his grandparents' home, which would ultimately inspire him to set his thesis film's production on the ever-difficult ocean waters.

A cinephile all through high school, he directed many shorts there, founded a film and writing society, and became heavily involved with the theater. He remained active on the stage throughout his undergraduate years at New York University, where he directed and acted in several productions while hosting an audio theater podcast at WNYU. At NYU, he studied Philosophy under Peter Unger, managing to also earn separate minors in Film Production, Cinema Studies, Art History, Music, and Creative Writing, studying fiction underIrini Spanidou, Darin Strauss, and Zadie Smith, who once described his prose as “Dylanesque”.


One morning, the aging Orlando is forcibly taken by his caretaker on a kayaking trip through the local mangroves - a trip that will prove to be far more significant to the old man's slowly fading life than anything he could have ever anticipated.


Writer / Director: Justin Filpes
Producers: Nyala Moon and Justin Filpes
Director of Photography: Jonathan Alvarez
1st AC: Godfred Sedano
2nd AC: Susan Mei
Sound Designer: Justin Filpes
Editor: Justin Filpes
Unit Production Manager: Jessica Moore
Sound Recordist: Maxwell DiPaolo
Key Grip: Brandon Vecino
1st AD: Maggie Kamal
2nd AD: Chien Yu Wang
Swing: Yibin "AB" Su
DIT: Susan Mei
Art Director: Angel Suarez
Prop Master: Chien Yu Wang


Michael Richey as “Orlando”
John Patrick Hayden as “Angel” and “Orlando (Young)”
Jacob Layne Mendelson as “Angel (Young)”
Dana DellaCamera as “Mercy”


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