Muhammad Bilal is a writer, director, actor and photographer. Prior to completing his MFA in filmmaking at The City College of New York, he earned two master’s degrees in education. He also served as an urban educator for over 17 years as a teacher, assistant principal and principal. Muhammad has also studied filmmaking and acting at The New York Film Academy, New York University, Chicago Filmmakers and The Theatre School at DePaul University. He made his directorial debut with the short film SAPO, which opened to great reviews at the Improfilm Festival in 2019. He is currently in post-production with another short film, Scorned. His thesis film, The Blue Cave (currently set to screen at Cityvisions) is scheduled to screen at over a dozen film festivals in Ghana, South Africa, France and across the United States. Muhammad has a passion for writing and directing films that focus on social issues which impact youth in urban communities and stories with universal themes that affect us all: love, betrayal, fear and loss. He is set to launch his production company, Bilal World Entertainment, in 2021. Muhammad continues to train as an actor with Paul Calderon and Anthony Abeson Acting. He is a member of One On One NYC.


A boy from the South Side of Chicago, who aspires to become a screenwriter, discovers a magical magic blue cave where characters from his stories come to life. But as the violent attacks from his stepfather and members of the neighborhood gang become deadly, he must soon decide whether to take a stand or lose his dream forever.


Robert Barnes Jr. as Ali (Teen)
Camden Coley as Ali (Child)
Adrain Washington as Sherman
Patrice Battey as Khadijah
Arielle Landers as Latifah
Kevin Best as Steel
Johanna Lugo as Coco, Slave, Blue Lady & Lady in the Blue Dress
Ramsden Madeus as Mike
Billie Rae as Aliyah
Hector Jamar as Rico
Shawn Ledbetter as Big Jay

Mouhamed Fofana as Chris & The Beast
Kaitron Bryant as African King
Natasha Diaz as Chanel
Jade Mason as Two Times
Whitely Polk as Rhonda
Dasja Pennix as African Queen, Tiffany & Woman in Cave
Ox King as Bars
William Bostic as Gang Member
Quran M. Whitehead as Big Nate
Espirito Domingo as Cave Explorer


Directed by Muhammad Bilal
Executive Producer: Sadiya Bilal
Executive Producer: Muhammad Bilal
Screenplay by Muhammad Bilal
Director of Photography: Muhammad Bilal
Sound: Veralucia Quispe
Sound: Max DiPaola
Sound: Lauren Banjo
Casting Director: Muhammad Bilal
Costume Designer: Muhammad Bilal
Script: Muhammad Bilal
Editing: Eileen McQueen
Associate Producer: Justin Filpes
Associate Producer: Tomas Greer
Associate Producer: Al Tavarez
Associate Producer: Jamar Hector
Produced by Muhammad Bilal & Sadiya Bilal
Gaffer: Alejandro Hurtarte
Gaffer: Waley Wang
First AC: Zanin Lindsay
First AC: Philip Babach
Second AC: Susan Mei
Second AC: Melissa Gagliardi
Cinematographer: Christopher S. Lind
Production Assistant: Chris Kennedy
Steadicam Operator: Carlos Slusher, Jr.
Script Supervisor: Sarah Diaz
Hair & Makeup: Emily Marvin
First Assistant Director: Justin Filpes
Second Assistant Director: Kat Holm
Fight Coordinator: Hugo Salazar


The Sterling Hill Mining Museum
30 Plant St, Ogdensburg, NJ 07439


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