Nassim is an anxious college students lacking some serious sleep. His anxiety only worsens when he finds out that his diabetic father has been rationing his insulin due to their financial situation. Whilst working out with his best friend Julius, Nassim learns of the upcoming release of a valuable pair of sneakers. A pair of sneakers that happens to be on the feet of a wealthier and arrogant man he ran into hours prior. Now knowing of a possible way to acquire those valuable sneakers, Nassim decides to do something he may soon regret…


Nassim - Josh Phillips
The Man - Kevin Ford
Julius - Amadou Barrie
Dad - Djamal Boukadoum
Pharmacist - Mia Gansen



Director - Anis Daniel Boukadoum
Director of Photography - Jakari Lister
Editor – Juan Blanco Garcia & Bridget Mcguigan
Assistant Editor - Noura Ahmed
Assistant Director - Grace Wijaya
Producer - Anis Daniel Boukadoum
Associate producers - Micheal Blair, Grace Wijaya, Sisa Quispe
Assistant Camera - Prabhat Gurung, Solomon Sylvester
Sound Recordist - Marina Inoue
Makeup - Maria Stocker
Production Assistant - Joseph Shawyer, Ayusha Sanjel, Julius Alubankudi, Kashief Lewis, David Siegel, Yaari Nadav Tal, Nyeem


Anis Daniel Boukadoum


Anis Daniel Boukadoum is a Malaysian-born filmmaker of Algerian origin who grew up in the suburbs of Montreal. He moved to New York City in 2011 and has lived there ever since. For his undergraduate studies, Boukadoum attended the University at Buffalo where he graduated with a Bachelor's in Psychology and a minor in Media Studies. Boukadoum aims to make entertaining films with an emphasis on social themes using the knowledge and practice he accumulated as a student of Psychology. He’s currently working towards an MFA in Film at the City College of New York.

2023 FILMS

  • Urpi
  • Pink Yellow
  • Good Health
  • Transparensea
  • Yesterday, I Dreamt About
  • Claiming Edge
  • Forever Twins
  • A Basket of Love
  • Singing in the Lifeboat
  • Bodega Nights