Yury Vargas

FILM: Las Quitapenas



During his 30-year award-winning advertising career, Yury has influenced consumer behaviors on a massive scale by producing culturally relevant communications with a disciplined and respectful approach grounded in observation and research. He defines himself as an explorer and interpreter of cultures.

Yury has embarked on a new personal journey, where his priority is to tell more meaningful stories through documentary films. He's currently completing an MFA in Film degree at The City College of New York.

Yury lives in Brooklyn with his wife Monica, his teeanage daughters Camila and Martina, where he actively advocates for creative engagement as a way to create community.


Las Quitapenas follows a small group of Latina teenagers, who being flagged as suicidal, are voluntarily participating in an after-school program using creative art therapy as the best way to express their feelings, confront their pain, and forge a strong community of support. The story of one is the story of all.



Teens: Amanda, Yazmine, Ana, Alma, Blanca, Celeste, Dafne, Johana, María, Susana, Samaria and Kim.
Moms: Luisa, Marisol, Sara and Solei.
Therapists and Tutor: Laura, Erika, Patrick, Lila and Annika.


Yury Vargas - Director
Joseph Shawyer - Cinematographer
Monica Bernal - Producer
Santiago Sanchez and Erick Céspedes - Editors
Miles Dalto - Musical composer
Annika Karody - Composer and Performer, original song “Evening Song”

Las Quitapenas

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