Pamela Ozcariz

FILM: Hard of Hearing



I was born and raised in Mexico City, a place full of life and stories that inspired me from a young age. I was always interested in people, so my first professional call was to study psychology in college, which I enjoyed immensely. After being a film lover my whole life, I realized it was because both fields offer a deeper insight into the human psyche, a place to explore and understand the complexities of the mind. It was making and writing movies where I started to really study people, not when they were telling me their problems in therapy.


After not getting answers from multiple doctors on her apparent ear loss problem, Thalia decides to reshape her life and takes time apart from her husband to rethink their marriage. She hasn’t healed from a recent health struggle, and after a long time of repressing her emotions, they seem to be coming back to the surface.



Elena Levenson as Thalia
Max Bank as Carl
Linus Gelber as Doctor
Erin Morris as Erin


Pamela Ozcariz: Writer, Producer, Director, Editor
Artima Sakulkoo: 1st AD
Nyeem Greenwood: 2nd AD
Joseph Shawyer: DP
Nicholas Kennedy: Producer
Samantha Alvarez: Producer
Tatia Mazmanian: Sound Recordist
Production Designer: Hannah Maloof
Hilton Goode: PA
Nibhaya Nakarami: PA
Manuel Vallardes: BTS Photographer

Hard of Hearing

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