One morning, a demented older man in the twilight of his years is taken by his caregiver on a kayaking trip through the local mangroves. It is here, on the water, that he is finally forced to reckon with the past, face the present, and confront the future.



Michael Richey – Orlando
John Patrick Hayden – Caregiver
Dana DellaCamera – Mercy
Jacob Mendelson – Young Angel


Justin Filpes - Writer/Director/Producer
Nyala Moon - Producer/Hair and Make-Up
Jessica Moore – Unit Production Manager
Chien Yu Wang - Assistant Director/Prop Master
Maggie Kamal – Assistant Director
Jonathan Alvarez – Director of Photography
Godfred Sedano – 1st Assistant Camera
Susan Mei – 2nd Assistant Camera/DIT
Brandon Vecino – Key Grip/Jib Operator
Yibin “AB” Su – Grip/Swing
Maxwell DiPaolo – Sound Mixer/Boom Operator
Angel Suarez – Art Director




Justin Filpes was born in 1995 and grew up as a Cuban-American on the ocean waters of Miami, Florida. He originally relocated to NYC to study Philosophy on a full scholarship at New York University, where he gradually became involved in directing for the local stage, shooting street photography on a daily basis, and writing and producing a weekly audio theater podcast for the school radio station. Along the way, he earned five separate minors in Music, Art History, Cinema Studies, Film Production, and Creative Writing.

As a filmmaker, Justin is fascinated by the cinema’s power to push and pull the spectator in and out of their respective comfort zones, imposing the mental space necessary to reflect on life in ways they may not have been willing to do otherwise. His thesis film, “To Drown”, attempts to do just that by following the last days of an elderly man's life, exploring the relationship between isolation, self-deception, and the significance of it all when everything else is finally stripped away.

2021 FILMS

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  • Film: One Day
  • Who Was Lee Edwards?
  • Film: Right to Exit
  • Film: The 2020 Unmasked
  • Film: Burial
  • Film: The Coolest Club
  • Film: Love Me, Love Me Not
  • To Drown
  • Film: The Backpack
  • Film: Pasaj
  • Film: Breathe
  • I'm Home