The Coolest Club follows Simon, a video game nerd struggling to be seen in this world. He joins a support group: The Coolest Club. He then faces the fact that he is not as cool as other club members. How far will Simon go to prove that he is also cool enough to be in The Coolest Club?

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Writer/Director – Sheng Ting (Sandy), Shen
Producer – Sheng Ting, Shen
Unit Production Manager – Mariel Iezzoni
Co-Producers – Auralynn Rosario & Jieun Lee
Director of Photography – Hou Chuan (Ray), Chiang
1st AC – Hsuan Wei (Jackson) Wu
Gaffer – Chi Chiu (Alan), Chan & Warut Snidvongs
Sound – Rachel Villegas
Production Designer – Bria Josephs & Josiah Johnson
Makeup Artist – Cheron Bryant
Production Assistant – Brendon Slattery
Still Photographer – Yasmeen Purvis
Editor – Sheng Ting (Sandy), Shen
Graphic Designer- Yi Chun (Kay), Lin & Jing Ting (Detective Coco), Shih


Guy Ventoliere as Simon
Daniel McHenry as Ricky
Demingo Graham as Billy
Brent Erdy as Andy




Shen (Sandy) Sheng-Ting discovers her love for film in 2010; she made her first short film with Windows Movie Maker. After that, she has not stopped telling stories through moving pictures.

She first started working as a camera assistant in Taiwan Public Television Service (PTS), then becomes an editor which she works on short films, documentaries, and commercials. In 2019, she came to New York, studied MFA Film at The City College of New York, and pursued her dream to become a filmmaker.

Sheng-Ting enjoys all kinds of genres. She particularly loves to tell stories in a dark and comedic way. Her latest short film, "The Coolest Club" uses dark comedy to bring out the stupidness and shallowness of people wanting to be accepted.

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