June 20th Screenings | 4-9PM

SVA Theatre - 333 W. 23rd Street, New York, NY 10011 - MAP

(Doors open @ 3pm for vaccine checks)

Showcase #1 (starting at 4:15pm)

Film Title Director Genre Length
A Coalfield Christmas "A Coalfield Christmas" Julia Maddox Fiction 11:44
Couscous, Hand-Rolled, With Olives "Couscous, Hand-Rolled, With Olives" Yaari Tal Fiction 14:30
Dear Audrey "Dear Audrey" Nehir Onay Documentary 14:39
Marcel The Muscle Man "Marcel The Muscle Man" Michael Murray Fiction 14:50
The (Other) 700 Club "The (Other) 700 Club" Araque Blanco Documentary 10:00
Ava "Ava" Ayoub El Jamal Fiction 10:20

Approximate end for showcase #1 @5:30pm

INTERMISSION [5:30pm-6:00pm]

Showcase #2 (starting at 6:15pm)

Film Title Director Genre Length
Cuanacaquilitl (Dandelion) "Cuanacaquilitl (Dandelion)" Lorena R. Valencia Fiction 15:00
The Baton "The Baton" Nemo Allen Documentary 15:00
Bastards "Bastards" Tiancheng Bao Fiction 14:00
El Chuzalongo "El Chuzalongo" Julie Neira Campoverde Fiction 13:45
The Monk and The Rebel "The Monk and The Rebel" Prabhat Gurung Fiction 13:30

Approximate end for showcase #2 @7:30pm

Break: [7:30pm-7:45pm] 15 minutes
Awards Ceremony [7:45pm-8:30pm] 45 minutes