Online Festival: June 24th to 26th

Awards Ceremony: June 26

The Auditorium on Broadway


Bhima Aryateja / Muhammed Bilal / Ley Comas / Tomas J. Greer / John Patrick Hayden / Joann Huang / Maggie Kamal / Ashika Kuruvilla / Eva Laerke / Susan Mei / Nyala Moon / Jessica Q. Moore / Tomas Ruiz / Yitin 'AB' Su / Charles Sweeney / Nela Wagman / Chien-Yu Wang / Wei Yao

NBR Student Film Grant: "Last Summer on Bainbridge Street" by Jessica Moore

MVP Award: Susan Mei

Journey Award: I Am Yours“ by Wei Yao

Special Judges Awards #1 & #2: Microbus" by Maggie Kamal AND "Ni Aqui/Ni Allais" by Ley Comas

Best Screenplay: Amend“ by John Patrick Hayden

Best Cinematography: The Blue Cave“ by Muhammed Bilal

Excellence in Editing: Come Find Me“ by Nela Wagman

Best Documentary Film: Dry Rain“ by Bhima Aryateja

Best Fiction Film: A Way Back Home“ by Susan Mei