June 2nd, 2016 [5 PM]

Auditorium on Broadway


ZiWei Yao / Cristina Rodriguez / Nicolas Luna / Shao-Wen Liang / Dominique Rémy / Jessie Chang / Wanhu Jin / Meschida Philip / Anoah Levine / Joshua Eichenbaum / Min Min Hein / Maria Mousas

2017 Award Winners:

NBR Student Film Grants: "Straighten Out" by Jessie Chang

Best Documentary Film: "Listen" by Min Min Hein

Best Fiction Film: "Straighten Out" by Jessie Chang

Best Cinematography: "Echoing Clouds" by Ziwei Yao

Excellence in Editing: "Chinese Marriage" by Wanhu Jin

Best Screenplay: "Long Ride" by Shaowen Liang

Technical Achievement Award: "Life as a Scheme" by Anoah Levine

Special Judges Award: "Spoon of Life" by Maria Mousas

Journey Award-1: "Scars of Our Mothers' Dreams" by Meschida Phillip

Journey Award-2:"Straighten Out" by Jessie Chang

MVP Award: Shaowen Liang


Festival Trailer

Cityvisions 2017 Trailer from City Film MFA.

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