June 3rd, 2016 [3-10 PM]

Auditorium on Broadway


Romeo D'Costa / Jeff Huston / Jamaal Felix Happens / Abigail Chuyao He / Jack Gillard / Emilio Seri /Melisande Bliss Fagan / Victoria Anderson / Adielenah Perez / Wigner Duarte / Yvonne Ng / Tyler Gibson / Luozang Dongzhi / Gesar Dorji / Bryan Powers / Zach Baddorf / Carlos Freire / Eyvonne Damon

2016 Award Winners:

NBR Grants: Gesar Dorji / Jeff Huston

Best Documentary Film: "Transitional Difficulty" by Jack Gillard

Best Fiction Film: "Before Christmas" by Chuyao "Abigail" He

Best Sound Design: "Running Condition" (Director: Jeff Huston / Sound: Emily Russo)

Best Production Design: "Astral Migrant" by Emilio Seri

Best Screenplay: "Before Christmas" by Chuyao "Abigail" He

Best Cinematography-Fiction: "Astral Migrant" by Emilio Seri

Best Cinematography-Doc: "Man Behind" by Tyler Gibson

Excellence in Editing-Fiction: "Eight of Spades" by Melisande Bliss

Excellence in Editing-Doc: "My Dream at the Other Side" by Carlos Freire

Technical Achievement Award: "Cloud Kumo" by Yvonne Ng

Best Story/Concept (Doc): "Man Behind" by Tyler Gibson

Journey Award: "Man Behind" by Tyler Gibson

MVP Award: Emilio Seri


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