Within The 4 Walls


    "Within The 4 Walls" is a documentary based on Molink McMichael, a Brooklyn native who grew up as a justice-involved youth and how his experience in prison changed his mental state. His stories show the journey of how his adversities became the catalyst to give back to the at-risk youths he works with today. 


    Director: Tonesha Branch
    Producer: Tonesha Branch
Editor: Tonesha Branch

    Audio: Cyrille Njikeng
Camera1 Operator: Cyrille Njikeng
Camera2 Operator: Tonesha Branch

    Director of Photography: Tonesha Branch

    Production Assistant: Brandon Plummer


    Molink McMicheal


    Tonesha Branch is a young cinematographer born and raised in Harlem, NYC. At the age of sixteen, Tonesha realized she wanted to do film production. As a child, she was introduced to many classic films from the 80s and 90s era in which she loved. As a teenager Tonesha enjoyed watching or listening to anything that left her reminiscing on her upbringing, which is what she would call a “vibe.” In college she developed her sense of style; she shot and edited many videos from commercials to music videos to documentaries, etc. The style of her films would resemble the quality of television from what she remembered as a child; black and white and at times grainy, which was her way of tapping into when she first fell in love with film.

    Tonesha Branch

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