Echoing Clouds
Film by Ziwei Yao

    Echoing Clouds


    Hang is a man in heavy debt, and was asked to settle it by murdering a man. The target is a monk who tries to influence Hang to rethink his path. Hang is at the moment of deciding between being a greater sinner and stopping right on the spot. By reflecting over himself, Hang tries to find answers through religious enlightenment.


    Producer, Writer, Director, Director of Photography : Ziwei Yao
    Sound Recordist: Yuankang Zhang and Enji Zhao
    Sound Assistant: Jiahui Zhu and Qiong Wu
    Production Assistant, Wardrobe and Make up: Xintao Xu and Wenjuan Liao
    Editor: Shaowen Liang
    Sound Designer: Wanhu Jin


    Yun Hang as Yun Hang
    Chuang Liu as Triad Leader and Monk
    Xintao Xu as Hooligan Talker
    Wenjuan Liao as Hooligan Smoker


    Ziwei Yao is a young filmmaker from Singapore, who is studying his film MFA at the City College of New York. During school break, Ziwei took part in a two-person team to shoot a documentary as he walked in the land mine infested regions at the Chinese- Vietnamese border. Ziwei mainly writes and directs shorts; he is also experienced with being the DP on many other projects. Prior to studying film, he has graduated with a Diploma in Industrial Design, a BA in Psychology and Art History from Singapore and Australia respectively. He has also served as a medic during his service in the Singapore Armed Forces. At the moment, Ziwei is developing feature-length film concepts for independent production in the future.

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