Those Below
Film by Xaisongkham Induangchanthy

    Those Below


    When his estranged father visited Laos and lost a contact with the family, Jeff travels to the country to search for him. Upon his arrival, he is followed by a local taxi driver whom he thinks wants his money but later assists him with the search. In a remote village, Jeff finds his father living with a young girl. Unable to convince his father to leave the village, he must now confront him about his secret life in Laos.


    Writer/Director/Editor: Xaisongkham Induangchanthy
    Producers: Natasha Soto, Vannaphone Sitthirath
    Director of Photography: Carlo Mendoza
    1st Assistant Director: Natasha Soto
    2nd Assistant Director: Kaewkun Saengphachan
    Executive Producers: Oulideth Bangonesengdet, Vilayphone Chounramany, Yosei Hayakawa
    Associate Producers: Ketsana Vilaylack, David W Claycomb, Manithda Sithimolada, Adri Berger
    Sound Recordist: Amatha Ratsombath
    1st Assistant Camera: Noel Devera
    2nd Assistant Camera: Natthaphat Urasangporn
    Gaffer: Florent Duroc
    Key Grip: Phupan Amatsombat
    Best Boy: Vetthana Kongkhapun
    Production Manager: Athidxay Bouandaoheaung
    Location Manager: Dorn Bouttasing
    Production Assistants: Say Vongvichit
    Project Supervisor: Channapha Khamvongsa
    Make-up Artist: Dou Pothmolita
    Costumer: Elodie Lo-King-Fung
    Sound Designer: Takuya Katsu
    Steadicam Operator: Hans Kaufmann
    Photographer/DIT: Lou Phounpasird
    Poster Designer: Khamhou Phanludeth


    Christopher Kapeleris as JEFF
    Khamly Philavong as LUCK
    Michael Bate as DAVE
    Kaewkun Saengphachan as ED
    Leuthmany Insixiengmai as SENG


    Xaisongkham Induangchanthy is a Lao independent filmmaker. He discovered his passion for filmmaking when he studied mass communications in Singapore in 1999. During his study, together with his schoolmates, he made a documentary about fisherman’s life in southern Laos for his final year project, titled ‘Against the Tide’. Later, ‘Against the Tide’ won an award for ‘Outstanding Documentary’ at the 4th Annual University Student Film and TV Festival in the Greater China Region 2006, Hong Kong, and screened at Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival 2006, New York.

    In 2011, he joined ‘Lao New Wave Cinema,’ a group formed by aspiring young filmmakers in Laos to make the first thriller drama film in Lao film history titled “At the Horizon.” The film won 4 awards in his home country and was screened in several festivals in the region. In September 2012, he was selected to participate in ‘Asian Film Academy’ as part of the Busan International Film Festival, Korea. He was the first Lao filmmaker selected for the program. As part of the program, his script was also selected for the short film production.

    In 2013, he and three other members of Lao New Wave Cinema made the first omnibus film project titled “Vientiane in Love.” It was the opening film for the Luang Prabang Film Festival, 2014. The film was also screened in theatres nationwide. He's a two-time recipient of Lao Filmmakers Fund. Currently, he is pursuing a master’s degree in filmmaking in New York City. “Those Below” is the most recent and ambitious work of his to date.

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