The Rise of Antonious Matthews
Film by Jamaal Happens

    The Rise of Antonious Matthews


    It is time for class elections at J. Edgar Hoover Middle School. The sixth grader, Antonious Matthews has decided to run against the eighth grade, school bully, Julius Nelson. Julius and his Henchmen terrorize the school’s students by beating them up for votes. Antonious, Marlin, Mackenzie and their group of loyal followers must find a way to restore order to the student body, by any means necessary.


    Jamaal Happens … Writer, Director, Producer
    Jasmine Callis … Producer
    Cory J. Harrison … Director of Photography
    Bryan Andrew Powers … Editor
    Rodrigo Ayres … Assistant Director
    Bryan Andrew Powers … Assistant Director
    Rhea Fluker … Sound Recordist, Make- up
    Emilio Seri … Sound Recordist
    Bryan Andrew Powers … Sound Design
    Emilio Seri … Original Score
    Derek Saffe … Assistant Camera
    Shao Wen Liang … Gaffer
    Romeo D'Costa … Grip
    Jamaal Felix … Production Design
    Tyler Gibson … Production Assistant, Craft Services
    Tiffany Mendez … Production Assistant
    Victoria Anderson … Production Assistant
    Chuyo He… Set Photography


    Marco Antonio Porras ... Antonious Matthews
    Dara Scolnick ... Mackenzie Thompson
    Joshua Isak ... Julius Nelson
    Timothy Walter ... Marlin Shepard
    Darnell Dudley ... Henchman
    Justin Daniels Williams ... Henchman
    Michael Tyrell ... Janitor


    Jamaal Felix "Happens" is a young and up and coming, African American writer and director. He is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin and is currently working on his Master of Fine Arts degree in writing & directing fiction. Jamaal is a dedicated filmmaker with more than three independently produced short films under his belt. He is currently in pre- production for his next film, "The Rise of Antonious Matthews", which, as he describes, will be the film that kickstarts his career as a professional Writer & Director.

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