The Rebirth
Film by cyrille njikeng

    The Rebirth


    People living with a disability have always received an unfair treatment in Cameroon, they are often treated like beggars and second-class citizens.
"The Rebirth" is a documentary portrait of Bachirou Ndam, a Cameroonian published author who fell from a tree at his house and got paralyzed from the waist down. Bachirou goes through a lot of challenges in a society that does not have any laws in place to facilitate the life of people living with disabilities, but he transcends those challenges and uses his disability as a catalyst to fight for the right of disable people in Cameroon.


    Producer : Cyrille Njikeng
    Associate Producer : Meschida Philip

    Director: Cyrille Njikeng
    Assistant Director: Diane Tiyo

    Director of Photography : Cyrille Njikeng

    Camera Operator: Derick Lamnyam

    Production Assistant : Fatima Matousse

    Production Assistant: Vivian Rivas

    Editor : Rashad Crews

    Assistant Editor : Tonesha Branch
    Cyrille Njikeng

    Sound Design : Alexander Downing

    Tail Credit Song : Claude Ndam
    Claudia Fotchou

    Subtitle: Cyrille Njikeng

    Transportation : Ndam Hamed Noudine

    Location manager: Claudia Fotchou

    Advisors: Andrea Weiss
    Boukary Sawadogo
    Antonio Tibaldi


    Bachirou Ndam


    Cyrille Njikeng migrated from Cameroon in 2007 to pursue the American dream. Like any other undocumented immigrant, Cyrille worked several odd jobs such as gas station attendant, bathroom attendant, and bag boy at a supermarket. This experience fuelled him with the zeal to find his true passion and career.
    In 2009, Cyrille borrowed a friend’s camcorder to film a bus trip to Minnesota, during that trip, he fell in love with the camera and decided to embrace the career of filmmaking.
    Cyrille has worked as a Director of Photography on several project such as the web series “Boughetto”, he worked as a production assistant in the documentary “The water I shall give them”, he acted in the second season of the Netflix series “Master of None”. Cyrille Njikeng is currently pursuing an MFA at the city college of New York.

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