The Funeral Singer Preview
Film by Thanh Hoang



    Mr Bay for the past 25 years, is hired to mourn the saddest melodies for the dead person in funerals. In local language, he is called as the crier of the village. His sorrowful singing is attempted to express family’s gratefulness to the passing loved one, and awake the soul of the living children. As a father of 7 daughters, the dedicated musician has no hope to have a son to hand down the family’s career, and to sing for his death. The film is set in an ancient village of Northern Vietnam where the family traditional principles survive with the change of time.


    Director: Thanh Hoang
    Cinematographer: Pham Ngoc Lan, Dinh Duc Thanh
    Additional camera: Thanh Hoang
    Producer Assistant: Dinh Duc Thanh
    Editor: Thanh Hoang
    Production Manager: Nguyet Minh, Quynh Anh
    Sound: Trung Kien, Nguyet Minh, Hoang Minh Ky, Tran Anh Dam
    Subtitle: Prissly Mena, Thanh Hoang
    Music: Anh Bay and the brothers of Kieu
    Advisor: Andrea Weiss, Babak Rassi, Carmen Vidal, Alex Lora
    Endless thanks to my MFA friends, anh Hai Duong, Tada Le, Huyen Chym, Luu Khung, Manh Thang, chi Hang, chi Hien, Deependra Gauchan, Ngoc Diep, nhom 220V and the villagers of Quoc Oai.


    Mr & Mrs Bay and their seven lovely daughters: Ngoan, Hoan, Hieu, Huong, Ngoc, Le, Vui


    Thanh Hoang is from Vietnam. Prior entering MFA Film Program in City College of New York, she has worked in broadcast journalism, advertising, NGOs and independent film making. She is interested in telling stories of people whose lives struggle because of their race, gender, class, or religion. She believes a story that possesses conflict and is deeply understood through sympathetic observation, would bring into question the judgmental society crafted by mainstream media. She is in between fiction and non-fiction.

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