Life as a Scheme
Film by Anoah Levine

    Life as a Scheme


    A mysterious man battles against himself and society as he struggles to describe his two very different lives. While a regular 9-5 office worker by day, at night, this unidentified man takes on an illicit persona. He wears many different masks, but which one is real, and which is the facade?


    Written & Directed by: Anoah Levine
    Produced by: Anoah Levine and Nicolas Luna
    Co-Produced by: Cristina Rodriguez & Travis Cataldo
    Associate Producers: Paulina Jurzec and Kaila Keller
    Directors of Photography: Anoah Levine & Shao-Wen Liang
    Assistant Camera: Yung-Chieh (Jessie) Chang
    Edited by: A. Scott Berman
    Animation by: Travis Cataldo
    Production Designer: Isaac Strycker
    Original Score and Sound Design by: Emperor X
    Still Photographer: Joshua Eichenbaum


    Ricardy Fabre as The Subject


    Anoah Levine is a producer and director with over ten years of experience in the field of multimedia production. His work has been broadcast and screened at many venues, including the Manhattan Neighborhood Network, The Anthology Film Archives, and the Museum of the Moving Image. He currently works as a video marketing specialist with the City University of New York. He is a native of Queens, New York.

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