Spoon of Life
Film by Maria Mousas​

    Spoon of Life


    Spoon of Life is an inspiring documentary about Constantinos Polichronopoulos, a Greek cook who prepares meals free of charge in refugee camps and public squares. This documentary follows his day-to-day life as a cook in Athens and the island of Lesvos between 2015-2017.


    Producer - Maria Mousas
    Director - Maria Mousas
    Director of Photography - Maria Mousas
    Producer Assistant - Helena Angelopoulou
    Editor - Maria Mousas
    First Assistant Camera - George Papadopoulos
    Second Assistant Camera - Panagiotis Tiniakos
    Audio Recordist - Maria Mousas
    Sound Effects - Maria Mousas
    Original Music Accordion - Paolo Forte
    Original Music Baglamadaki - Panagiotis Tiniakos
    Graphic Design for poster - Stevi Gkesiou
    Greek Translation - Dimitris Kotsilinis & Christos Mousas
    Arabic Translation - Marco Abdel


    Constantinos Polichronopoulos
    Helena Angelopoulou
    Dimitris Teloniatis
    Giannis Kotronis
    Betty Kafaloukas
    Rafaela Ageli
    Natassa Gazideli
    Eleni Dimou
    Panagiotis Tiniakos
    Fotis Dimitroulas
    Eri Taktikou


    Maria Mousas is a Greek-American filmmaker whose currently focusing on International, multicultural, and social issues. Maria holds a Bachelors degree in Cultural Technology and Communication from the University of the Aegean in Greece, and is currently working on obtaining an MFA in Film (focusing on Documentary) at the City College of the City University of New York. Maria has produced and filmed short documentaries and fiction films. Her latest film, Spoon Of Life, takes place in Greece and follows a Cook in Athens and Mytilene. This film will debut at the City Visions film festival in June of 2017.


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