Film by Luozang Dongzhi



    A young Tibetan man was recognized as a great reincarnated lama when he was at age of 13 and is expected to stay in monastery as a monk and serve in his community in Tibet. Later, the present incarnation has abandoned the life of the monastery and became a layman and lives in the modern world instead of monastery.


    Director: Luozang Dongzhi
    Writer:Luozang Dongzhi
    Producer: Luozang Dongzhi
    Camera:Luozang Dongzhi, Pema Tashi
    Editor:Luozang Dongzhi
    Assistant Editor: Abigail He
    Local Producer: Tadin Wangshuk & Geru Tsering
    Sound Recorder :Tadin Wangshuk
    Music: Dukar Tsering
    Sound Design:Abigail He
    Sound Mixer:Luozang Dongzhi
    Translator: Luozang Dongzhi


    The Fourth Shabkarpa
    Choten Kyi
    Yangdrung Gyal
    Tantric Practitioner


    Luozang Dongzhi studied filmmaking and cinematography in New York University's SCPS, and has a Bachelor’s in Tibetan and English from Qinghai Normal University, in Qinghai, China. He is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in documentary film at the City College of New York. He has directed the short films A New Love Story (16mm, short fiction), Momo Minutes, and Himalayan Artist: Rabkar Wangchuk (documentary), and served as Assistant Director of the short film, Before Christmas. He is also the Assistant Editor of the feature documentary films A Son of a Herder and Nine Story Mountain.

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