Searching For Shangri-La
Film by Gesar Milan Dorji

    Searching For Shangri-La


    I left Bhutan when I was very young, and I haven't been back in 14 years. Is it too late to reconnect so many years later?


    Director: Gesar Dorji

    Director of Photography: Zack Caplan

    Editior: Hannah Buck

    2nd Camera: Zack Baddorf & Andrea Villamil


    Gesar Dorji

    Sonam Dorji

    Nancy Weeks

    Mary Orff

    Pamela Weeks Dorji


    A freelance filmmaker and photographer based in Brooklyn, NY and Boston, MA since 2013, originally from the Kingdom of Bhutan in the Himalayas. His work has been screened at the prestigious Slamdance film festival and Miami Short Film Festival as a Cinematographer for the short film Ocean Five (2014). Gesar has a undergraduate degree in broadcast communications, and is certified in digital media making by NYU SCPS.

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