Scars of Our Mothers' Dream
Film by Meschdia Philip

    Scars of Our Mothers' Dreams


    Scars Of Our Mothers' Dreams is a film that offers a unique, intimate glimpse into the complexities of parental migration through the lenses of children left behind. Years after her own personal struggles to overcome the feeling of childhood abandonment, filmmaker Meschida returns to Grenada in search of others with similar childhood experiences, to find out how were their lives impacted after their parents migrated?


    Director, Producer, and Editor: Meschida Philip
    Assistant Producer: Dominique Rémy

    US Unit:
    Camera: Rituparna DasDatta
    Sound: Meschida Philip
    Still Photographer: Meschida Philip
    Film scoring: Paraacdemia

    Grenada Unit
    Jackie Bailey
    Gino Jenner

    Drone operator: Arthur Daniel

    Still Photographers:
    Jackie Bailey
    Khadine Francis

    CCNY Advisors: Babak Rassi, Antonio Tibaldi


    Natasha Lamothe
    Anthony D Bridgeman
    Melissa Jeremiah


    Meschida Philip is in post-production with her debut short documentary film “Scars of our Mothers’ Dreams,” which explores the psychological impact of parental migration on Caribbean children.

    Meschida Philip is Grenadian born and lives in New York with her family. She is particularly interested in works that confront social issues that affect Caribbean people and their communities. She is pursuing her MFA degree in Documentary Filmmaking at the City College of New York (CCNY), and is the proud recipient of Differenter 2015 Innovators of Change Award from J. Walter Thompson.

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