Saving Wolfie
Film by Nicolas Luna

    Saving Wolfie


    As Jay & Daisy are moving in together, Daisy’s cat, Wolfie, runs away. To their dismay, Wolfie is found stuck high atop a section of decommissioned elevated railroad tracks. Jay & Daisy try a variety of methods to get Wolfie down with no success. As the situation reveals strains in their relationship, a local homeless man shows them that, amidst their efforts, they ignored a solution that was right in front of them the whole time.


    Written & Directed by Nicolas Luna, Producer - Dominique Rémy & Cristina Rodriguez, Director of Photography - Shao Wen Liang, Assistant Camera - Ziwei Yao, First Assistant Director - Jessie Chang, Second Assistant Director - Cristina Rodriguez, Unit Production Manager - Anoah Levine, Audio Technician- Wanhu (Tiger) Jin, Gaffer - John F. Cole III, Editor - Casey O'Donnell & Nicolas Luna, Final Audio Mix & Master - Michael Flannery, Original Songs & Score - Emperor X


    Jay - Warren Curtis, Daisy - Leyla Aghayev, Homeless Man - Rod Nash, Police Officer - Aaron Morton, Firefighter - Trevor Van Uden, Animal Control Officer - Bram Teitelman, Movers - John F. Cole III & Ziwei Yao, Wolfie - Wolfie. Extras - Juan Rosales, Cristina Rodriguez, Dominique Rémy, Marta Harasymowicz, Eric Speck, Katie Stephens, Courtney Wheeler


         Nicolas Luna has spent nearly his entire life honing his craft.  An avid writer/director with a wide breadth of projects, he has always challenged himself to push his limits.  
         After finishing his undergraduate in film in Austin, TX, Nicolas packed his bags and relocated to Jersey City, NJ.  While working as an audio technician across NYC, he decided to pursue his MFA at the City College of New York in Writing/Directing Fiction.  With his thesis film, "Saving Wolfie", in post-production, he is ferociously working on new projects and keeping an eye to the future.  

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