Roger The Balloon
Film by Adielenah J. Perez

    Roger The Ballon


    Roger works for his family's business: Peripheral Entertainment Orb Corp., where he leads a satisfying life, planning events and hovering safely, just inches off the ground. But his desire for safety and predictability is challenged when he meets Roxy. Her easy recklessness makes Roger question everything he believes. What does it mean to be happy, to be a yourself, to be a balloon?


    Written and Directed by Adielenah Juliette Perez
    Director of Photography - Jeff Huston
    Second unit Camera - Genaro Dominguez
    Art Director - Emilio Seri


    Clinton Clark - Therapist
    Glen Feinstein - Voice of Roger


    Adielenah Perez started making Documentaries at the age of 15 with Global Action Project in New York City. After graduating from Purchase University with a B.A in Film Studies she moved to Mexico City and began working on music documentaries for Coca-Cola while teaching a media literacy class to young women. After two years she decided to return to her home town of NYC and begin telling her own stories with the hopes to inspire young girls and boys particularly in the Latino community.

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