Pisces Women
Film by Nikol David

    Pisces Women


    After a third failed relationship with a Pisces woman and many years of observing similarities in their personality traits and peculiar behaviors firsthand, the filmmaker began to question her disbelief of astrology.

    Searching for answers, she interviews and studies Pisces women, including her three exes, and attempts to understand her undeniable and inexplicable attraction to them.


    Ms. Nikol David
    Associate Producers: Dr. Martha Lucile Young and Steven Paul Gillespie
    Director of Photography: Jesse Deganis Librera
    Additional Cinematography: Thanh Hoang and Ms. Nikol David
    Sound: Jesse Deganis Librera
    Still Photography: Ms. Nikol David
    Sound Designer: Ms. Nikol David


    The Fabulous Pisces Women

    Giselle DeVera
    Rosemary Sheekey
    Lauren Pascarella
    Rachel Crow
    Rachel Worrell
    Sarah Burgess
    Prissly Pena
    Abigail Simon
    Patricia Clark
    Claarjte Van Dijk
    Lia McPherson


    Ms. Nikol David is a Uruguayan filmmaker, photographer and editor living and working in New York City.

    She received her BFA in Photography from the New World School of the Arts in Miami, completed the General Studies in Photography Program at the International Center of Photography, and will earn her MFA in Film from the City College of New York in May 2015.

    She is currently working on her follow-up documentary film, which deals with the subject of procrastination. Hopefully, she will get around to finishing it.

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