Not Rich Yet
Film by Cyprien Kodjo

    Not Rich Yet


    In the hybrid documentary, NOT RICH YET, Cyprien Kodjo, returns to Côte d’Ivoire to visit his father’s grave. His cautious siblings warn him about the villagers’ hostility. Encouraged by his mother, Cyprien goes anyways to their strange village cemetery and pays homage to his father. When bidding farewell to their American brother, Cyprien, his family looks anxious.


    Writer/Director/Producer: Cyprien Kodjo
    Sound Mixer/Sound Designer: Cyprien Kodjo
    Editor/Translator: Cyprien Kodjo
    Animation/Poster Designer: Cyprien Kodjo
    Director of Photography: Cyprien Kodjo
    Additional Photography: Vivian Rivas
    Colorist: Mirjaleed Biteng
    Audio Recordist: Irené Nenou
    Music Composers: Gerhardt C & Adrian Trevino Duran
    Location Manager: Kodjo Yvette
    Costume Designer: Kodjo Paulin
    Set Dresser: Kodjo Marie-France
    Production Assistant: Irené Nenou

    Advisors: Andrea Weiss, Antonio Tibaldi, Babak Rassi

    Special Thanks: Bert Saperstein Fellowship, Abdoul Madjib Koné, Herman Lew, Andrzej Krakowski, Jerry Carlson, David Davidson, April G. Joffee, David Ranghelli, Alex Lora, JT Takagi, Deirdre Fishel, Greta Schiller, Martina Radwan, Frederic Colier, Hillevi Loven, Lanre Olabisi, Rich Guay, Nancy Gerstman, Warut Snidvongs, Mira Steinzor, Wayne Grofik, Ann Rossetti, Lakeisha Mathis, La Mairie de Port-Bouët


    Lead Cast:
    Cyprien Paul Kodjo

    Supporting Cast:
    Kodjo Djadja Emmanuel
    Kodjo Atte N’gbesso
    Kodjo Théophile
    Kodjo Justine
    Kodjo Hyacinthe
    Kodjo Valérie
    Kodjo Hubert
    Kodjo Odilon
    Kodjo Raymond
    Kodjo Paulin
    Kodjo Yvette
    Kodjo Marie-France
    Kodjo Aman
    Kodjo Emmanuel
    Kodjo Patricia
    Kodjo Saturnin
    Kodjo Maxim
    Adja Mathieu
    Pasteur Vlesséa Edgar
    Irené Nenou


    Cyprien Kodjo hails from Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, the world largest exporter of cocoa beans. The son of average suburbanites, he found escapes from the jobless 90’s Ivorian era through the books of Miguel de Cervantes. Inspired to become an influencing artist, he came to NYC in 2009 and dedicated himself to learning filmmaking and journalism.
    To this end, he earned an AS in Video Arts and Technology from The Borough of Manhattan Community College where his short movie A TOUR divided his peers. He then earned a BFA in Film from City College with his award winning thesis documentary HOMEY. He is a 2017 Bert Saperstein Communication fellow and is currently pursuing his MFA in Film at CCNY. Cyprien is in his late forties, still lives in NYC and hates losing in video games.

    Cyprien Kodjo

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