Film by Tyler Gibson



    In "MAN BEHIND" a Mississippi man's life is taking a major turn after leaving a men's shelter and rehablitation program. He believes that receiving an education will increase his chances of having a better life. As the school year approaches challenges and self doubt threaten his progression. He's left questioning if he'll be able to move forward or will he always be left behind.


    Director - Tyler Gibson
    Producer - Tyler Gibson
    Associate Producer - Eyvonne Damon
    Production Assistant - Delborah Scott
    Assistant Camera - Gesar Dorji
    Jamaal Felix
    Gaffer - Emilio Seri
    Melisande Bliss
    Bryan Powers
    Editor - Tyler Gibson
    Assistant Editor - Victoria Anderson


    Willie Hobson
    Alice Hosey
    Betty Gibson


    Tyler Gibson, a Mississippi native, is an aspiring filmmaker with a background in news journalism. She attended Holmes Community College where she received her Associates degree. In 2013 Tyler recieved a Bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism from The University of Southern Mississippi. After graduating she worked as an Associate Producer at WLBT/ Fox 40 news station in Jackson, MS.
    A few months later, her passion for storytelling and media took her from the “Hospitality State” to the "Big Apple", New York, New York. She was offered a spot in the MFA Media Arts Production Graduate program at The City College of New York.
    Her concentration in the program is documentary filmmaking. Currently, Tyler is working on her first short film entitled “No Man Left Behind”.

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