My Mother... The Scar
Prissly Mena

    My Mother... The Scar


    In the wake of her mothers death, a young woman (Prissly Mena) reminisces about the past and how her world has changed since then. She deals with the regret, pain and abandonment she feels towards the remnants of her home and family. Juggling bitterly broken thoughts as well as warm, embracing memories she desperately reaches closure. Exploring the open sentiments of the past she reaches towards a positive resolution with her emotions.


    Director - Prissly Mena
    Director of Photography - Prissly Mena
    Assistant Camera - Elias Mena
    Sound - Prissly Mena
    Producer - Takira Jackson
    Editor - Karan Oberoi
    Gaffer - Annie Artiles

    Special Thanks
    Christian A. Avila
    Evelyn Castro
    Brigitte E. Castro
    Teobaldo Mena
    Miguel Artiles
    Evismenia Bennett
    Bruce Bennett


    Prissly Mena
    Miguel Artiles
    Evelyn Castro


    Born and raised in New York experiencing the best and worst the city has to offer. Mena is a young filmmaker who often tends to see beyond the things that ordinary people see. Where there is a person or place she finds the story that defines them. She started filmmaking in high school doing skits and shorts about pop culture topics such as supernatural and fantasy genres. This kindled her interest in film and movies.

    She then pursued a Bachelors degree at The State University of New York College at Oneonta. With her fluid art and love of storytelling she graduated in 2013 in Mass Communications. After exposing herself to several television environments such as MTV. Mena then set out to earn her Masters degree at the City College of New York.

    Since then she has been making shorts about the human condition and what we as people experience as a collective. She believes that although we all go through the same things we have different views and perspectives in which they occur using experimental and observational forms of film.

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