My Dream At the Other Side
Film by Carlos Freire

    My Dream At the Other Side


    Celestino is an undocumented immigrant who travels to New York to find a job that helps him to build a house in his hometown Tepexi, Mexico. Two years later, he brings his family to The United States. He struggles with unexpected expenses and it’s hard to continue the construction of the house. During that time, he has an American son that holds him back from returning to his hometown to fulfill his dreams.


    Carlos Freire

    Carlos Freire
    Zack Baddorf

    Carlos Freire


    Celestino Cruz
    Rocio Barcenas
    Melissa Cruz
    Mitzrael Cruz


    Carlos Freire was born in Guayaquil – Ecuador in April 19th 1974. He traveled to the United States in January 1998 looking for a change and to start a new career as a filmmaker.
    He has obtained an Associates degree in Media Studies at LaGuardia Community College, a Bachelors degree in Film Production at Brooklyn College, and he is a candidate to a Masters in Fine Arts focused on Documentary Production at City College. During his stay in the United States he has worked in numerous projects such as Fashion Week, public access television shows such as Business in Queens and Guerrilla Mosh TV.
    Also Carlos is a member of the production team of President of Ecuador, Economist Rafael Correa, creating international content for Ecuadorian Television.
    Currently he works at LaGuardia Community College as a Media Production Coordinator for Institutional Advancement and the Department of Marketing and Communications.

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