Long Ride
Film by Shaowen Liang

    Long Ride


    Cheung works as a food delivery man in Chinatown. After receiving an emergency call from the restaurant, Cheung decides to cancel his day off for work gets into a fight with his son. After. On the next day to work, Cheung finds the bike got stolen and his son is gone.


    Director: Shaowen Liang
    Director of Photography: Shaowen Liang, Ziwei Yao
    Camera Operator: Wei Lee
    Producer: Jessie Chang
    Assistant Director: Nicolas Maximilian Luna
    Sound Recordist: Wanhu Jin
    Editor: Shaowen Liang
    Production Design: Shaowen Liang
    Wardrobe: Cristina Rodriguez
    2nd Assistant Director: Dominique Remy, Cristina Rodriguez, Anoah Levine
    Gaffer: John Frederick Cole III
    Production Assistant: Rachel Villegas
    Still Photography: Sean Wang, Xiaoyu Crynma Yang


    Colin Li as Leslie
    Michael Song as Cheung
    Vincent Chan as Uncle Law


    Shaowen Liang is an independent filmmaker from Taipei, Taiwan. Finished his first documentary short ‘Loser(2014)', Shaowen realized his eager is to chase a broader storytelling spectrum with both documentary and fiction filmmaking. After working in the art department for several short films in Taiwan, he decided to pursue his career in fiction and Master of Fine Arts degree in writing/directing fiction at City College of New York. He currently works as a freelance cinematographer and photographer in NYC while developing his independent projects.


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