In 1943, a young Ashkenazim namely Akiva risks a journey through Miechów in Poland in order to fulfill his obligation of honouring his deceased mother on the anniversary of her death. He gets arrested by the Nazis, and finds one of his known elderly Rabbi in Nazis custody. The rabbi, who has lost his entire family in the Holocaust, is hoping to escape Poland for the Promised Land. They become able to escape from the Nazis. His journey is accompanied by Rabbi, so that Akiva can visit his mother’s grave and perform a Jewish ritual.


  • Razid Season

    Razid Season

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  • Razid Season

  • Uladzimir Taukachou

    Director of Photography
  • Dahlia Afeef & Lucas Ariel Vallejos

    Sound Designer
  • Razid Season & Álex Lora

  • Other Credits

  • Razid Season

    Production Designer
  • Ivy Payne

    Costume Designer
  • Danielle Privat

    Makeup Artist
  • Melissa Marie

    Special Effects Makeup
  • Sarah Wemy, Paris Holmes & Giovanni Jackson

    Sound Recordist
  • Lukas Schüßler

  • Maria Kashel

    Still Photography
  • Álex Lora

  • Cast & Crew

  • Aurélien Sellem

    “Akiva Yakov”
  • Paul Grossman

    “Rebbe Menachem”
  • Eva Visco

  • Alexandra & Madison Keezer

  • Dejan Jelaca

    “Ernest (SS Soldier) ”
  • Shawn Shillingford

    “ Joseph (SS Soldier)”
  • Michael A. Green

    “ Arthur (SS Second Lieutenant)”
  • Max Pescherine

    “ SS Sargent”
  • Edis JD

    “Max (SS Soldier)”
  • Teddy Cathers Jr

    “SS Soldier”
  • Charles Kennedy

    “SS Soldier ”
  • Adela-Adriana Moscu

    “Miriam ”
  • Sarah Wemy

    “Deborah ”
  • Razid Season


    Razid Season is an independent filmmaker, and CUNY MFA graduate student. Razid was one of the recipients of the US State Department’s filmmaking scholarship in 2015. Under that scholarship, he made a documentary called Battle For Speech (2015). In the same year, he received a full scholarship from the University of California, San Diego to study International Relations & Pacific Studies at the graduate level. He used to work at the Bangladesh Film Institute as the editor of its biannual film Journal, The Moving Image. He has received a number of awards for his films—IIUSFS 2015 for Rules (2014), the NYMAN 2018 Award for Maze (2017) and Best Narrative Award from ISA 2018 Los Angeles. His MFA thesis is a Holocaust drama-thriller film called Kaddish. He is interested in making films that deal with humanitarian issues, and he wants his films to be a tool to speak, represent, and fight for those minority communities whose voices are not heard in the mainstream media.

  • Bio

    TJ Ali Bowden

    TJ Ali is a rising filmmaker and TV/Digital Producer having produced linear pilot TV shows for networks BET Networks, NBC Entertainment, REVOLT TV and most recently VICE Media’s VICELAND network. TJ was awarded a fellowship in the International Radio and Television Society program in 2014, which catapulted his career in linear television. TJ is embarking on a new fiction storytelling journey. He lives in New York City and hails from the south side of Chicago.

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