Film by Jiage Tong



    The short film “Seventy” is set in China in 1997, when the Chinese government planned to force to all the districts to burn corpses.
Wang Shun is a seventy-year-old single man, who lives for gleaning and collecting scraps in a backward village, and nobody cares about Wang Shun. After Wang Shun’s old dog died, Wang Shun spends all of his savings hold a funeral for himself in advance. The great and ironic funeral for a living human being makes Wang become a celebrity in his village.


    Writer/Director- Jiage Tong
    1st Assistant Director- Ao Ma
    2nd Assistant Director- Zehua Bi
    DIT-Zhujun Wu
    Clapper-Loader- Mingxuan Li
    Storyboard Artist- Xi Li

    Editor- Anqi Wang
    Colorist-Emanuele Michetti
    Composer- Liu Dong

    Producer- Hengqian Fang/Yan‘na Wang
    Production Manager- Xinyun Du
    Line Producer- Xiaoying Ning/ Xinyuan Lu
    Production Accountant- Tao Shi

    Production Designer- Zhizhong Li
    Assistant of PD- Zhenhua Zhao
    Property Master- Huijie Tian/ Duo Ren
    Rigger- Merfa Zhou
    Costume Designer- Bingxi Liu

    Director of Photography- Yuhan Lin
    1st Assistant Camera- Yuzhang Gong
    2nd Assistant Camera- Hongzhang Gong
    Focus Puller- Lei Liu

    Gaffer-Yongchang Yang
    Lighting Technician/Grip- Jingling Liu/ Xiao Wang/ Guangqiang Du/ Tingjun Fu/ Mingchao Ma

    Sound Mixer- Shuwen Wang
    Assistant of Sound- Jianxin Wang
    Boom Operator- Jun Zhang
    Sound Effects- Jingxuan Li

    Craft Service- Wei Gu
    Swing Gang- Hezhang Huang/ Haibin Yang/ Shouye Wu/ Cheng Liu

    Driver- Huidong Zhang/ Feng Zhang/ Siyuan Han/ Haixin Wang


    Maishun Cao
    Extra- Villagers from Dongcha


    Jiage Tong is a female director and scriptwriter from China. She finished a literature degree in Shanghai Theater Academy. Her working covers film, TV Shows and theater,she got involved in several SMG reality shows, wrote feature film Gangster Girls, Crazy Christmas,etc. She made an experimental theater Down the Mountain presented in Wuzhen International Drama Festival. After she got into City College of New York, she concentrates on film making, hopes to bring a great film that can expose the human nature. In 2017, Jiage Tong put a lot of effort for thesis film SEVENTY,she was back forth three times between USA and China. In December she and her team spent half a month living in a remote village, finally she finished the shooting in -8ºF condition.

    Jiage Tong

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