It's Not Goodbye
Film by Jesse Deganis Librera

    It's Not Goodbye


    Just after the death of his grandfather, filmmaker Jesse Deganis Librera experiments with reaching out to "Grandpa Ernie" through the use of lucid dreams. Having had a strong relationship with his grandfather growing up, Jesse was not able to be with him at the time of his death. Searching for a sense of closure, as well as a new form of connection, Jesse travels through the world of dreams searching for his grandfather's wisdom as an adult.


    Director/Editor: Jesse Deganis Librera
    Producers: Niko David, Jesse Deganis Librera
    Assistant Camera: Xaisongkham Induangchanthy, Nick Deganis
    Assistant Sound: Kaila Keller, Joseph Bieron
    Animation: Nathan Deganis Librera
    Cast: Ernesto Deganis
    Rosa Deganis


    Ernesto Deganis
    Rosa Deganis
    Nancy Deganis
    Giuliano Deganis
    Sergio Deganis
    Jesse Deganis Librera


    If your life was a dream, what would you do? I would travel the world (and universe), learn and have as much fun as possible, all without fear because I know I'd wake up safe in my bed in the morning. Jesse, you're crazy! It sounds interesting, but you know, there's so much work to do, and I don't have time to listen to this nonsense. While at times the world we live in can be very stressful, I like to carry this perspective with me into my experiences and into the things I create. Films are one way for me to express the ideas and thoughts that constantly fill my mind.

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