Ice Prince
Film by Rashad Crews

    Ice Prince


    The story of Kitare Sandz, young musician learning the hard way that success is earned not given. He must make a decision between a fate that could get him locked up, even worse killed or music his true love. His girlfriend tries to talk sense into him but he chooses one evil over another. It all comes to a crashing ending as he finds out something that changes his life forever.


    Nicola Crews - Executive Producer
    Remi Amole – Producer
    Director of Photography – Joshua Cruz
    1st Asst. Director – Cyrille Njikeng
    2nd Asst. Director - Dasha Khritankova
    3rd Asst. Director – Christina Rodriguez
    Camera Operator – Mark Jeremiah
    Grip – Adam LaPalio
    Sound Mixer – Alexander Downing
    Boom Operator – Jay Null
    Sound Design – Fix The World Productions
    Editor – Rashad Crews
    MUA – Miriam Sylla
    2nd MUA – Cassandra Wooley
    Wardrobe Styling – Erica Christion
    2nd Wardrobe - Shadow Diamondz
    Music – Uncle Chriz, Kelly DIonne, Ras Rhymer, Fiix
    Score - Shadow Diamondz
    Clothing Supplied by Timothy Mills


    Timothy Mills – Kitare Sandz
    Marcia Hopson – Carmen Reece
    Brooklyn Chance – Renee Sarine
    Samantha Wendorf – Jenny Marlane
    Bridget Uchendu – Juliet Duran
    Kwaku Asante – Hassin Domo
    Alexander Downing – Music Engineer
    Cassandra Wooley - Police Officer


    Rashad "Ra'ad" Crews was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. He lived in a very organized and disciplined household. His mother was a homemaker and his father was an entrepreneur. Education was very important in his household. He read everything that he could get his hands on. He was considered a nerdy kid because he did so well in school and was able to grasp subjects that children his age couldn’t comprehend or just didn’t care about. He was interested in computers before they were a common household item and information technology was a lucrative career. He was encouraged to think about a career in computers but being rebellious teenager his focus seemed to lie elsewhere. It was really hip-hop music, writing poetry and short stories. He used to sneak the VHS video recorder out of the house so that he could record local dancers showing off their new break dancing moves. He was in the middle of the b-boy era. This was an exciting time and he needed footage. He didn’t realize at that time he would become interested in filmmaking as a serious career; he was just having fun!

    Future projects include UnHinged, A Rage in Her Heart, and The Jump Rope.
    Rashad "Ra'ad" Crews has two daughters, Satoria Diane Crews and Unique Diamond Crews. He currently lives in New York, New York with his wife Nicola.

    Rashad Crews

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