Hudson Sunset in The After-While
Film by Marcus Naylor

    Hudson Sunset in The After-While


    Marcus Naylor`s slow waltz with mourning the sudden death of his son`s mother, is an homage to parents who face the surreal shift in life after the death of a child`s mother or father. And to the children who learn about a mother`s love gone too soon. "Hudson Sunset In the After-While," is a somber journey between father and son, and the dead woman they both love.


    Producer,Director,Writer: Marcus Naylor
    Editor and DI Colorist: Jon Fordham
    Cinematographer : Kefenste Johnson
    1st Assistant Director : Vanessa Hernadez
    1st Assistant Camera : Valerie Dozier
    Sound Recordist : Prissily Meana
    Script Supervision : Thanh Hoang
    Production Design: Marcus Naylor
    Set Decoration : Vanessa Hernadez
    Sound Design : Jarrett Robertson
    2nd Assistant Director : Natasha Soto
    2nd Assistant Camera: Kanchalee Wijakpaisarn
    Grip: Daniel Cheluget
    Composer: Michael David Singer
    Original Song: My Son My Son Written and Sung by: Yolanda Culmer
    Jesus Walk with me: Sung by Chapman Roberts
    A Marcus Naylor Film in Association with MFA in Film CITY FILM @ The City College of New York


    Marcus Naylor, Steve
    Douglas Baldeo, Little Stevie
    Sally Stewart, Velma
    Chapman Roberts, Man of Faith
    Brittany Bellizeare, The Witness

    Mourners at the Cemetery:
    Denise Romero
    Tamika Douglas
    Chanese V. Coleman


    I would like the kind of reputation as a Filmmaker that inspires talented people to want to work
    with me. I envision discovering new generations of artists and craftsmen, while strengthening my
    bond with veterans in this industry of Filmmaking.
    To tell a great story in the spirit of collaboration and co-operation makes the
    highs and lows of the process worth it. Rest comes in knowing I am contributing to this industry,
    humanity and the Diaspora I come from, with all of its subtle complexities and power.

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