Going There
Film by Joshua Eichenbaum

    Going There


    Going There is about Tito, a Brooklyn native, who has been an Outlaw Motorcycle Club member for the past 35 years. Tito had never been in trouble or in the legal system. In 2012, Tito’s apartment was raided by law-enforcement. Tito was charged with possessing seven (7) illegal firearms. Shortly after being charged, Tito was bailed out of jail. He has been fighting his case for the last four years.

    Going There follows Tito’s life during the six months prior to his surrender to the court system. It explores the emotional toll the case has placed on Tito and his family, specifically his son (Chris) who lives with him and Tito’s mom (Maria). The film includes documenting Tito’s travels to Puerto Rico to surprise his mother and into the courthouse when he gets sentenced.


    Director/DOP/Editor - Joshua Eichenbaum
    Asst Director - Paulina Jurzic
    Producer - Joshua Eichenbaum
    Asst Producer - Min Min Hein
    Audio - Joshua Eichenbaum
    Music Supervisor/Composer - Bert Price

    "BAD MAN"
    Bert Price
    Alan Mickey "Splitz" Randolph, Olamide Faison, Bert Price
    Used by Permission

    Special Thanks To:
    The Martinez Family
    Shirley Faison
    Olamide Faison
    Dave Davidson
    Babak Rassi
    Andrea Weiss
    April Gatling-Joffee
    Warut Snidvongs
    Kafentse Johnson
    Jarrett Robertson




    Joshua Eichenbaum is a Lower East Side native. He found his passion for filmmaking and photography when his neighborhood transformed both physically and socially. Joshua received his B.A. in Criminal Justice and M.A. in culture and deviant behavior from John Jay College. His interests in cultural anthropology and filmmaking provided him with a broad range of filming opportunities to capture the stories and lived experiences of unique characters. Joshua has filmed musicians, gang members, corporate executives, and politicians.

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