Generation: Diaspora
Film by Dominique Remy


As the quintessential “good daughter” and avid reader, a first generation American teenager, Collette Benoit, follows the tenets of her traditional Haitian household. Those rules are to solely go to school, church, and home. That changes one day when, Collette’s free-spirited best friend Ivy Sanchez convinces Collette to accompany her on a double date with the high school heartthrobs, Alan Chen and Fernando Rodriguez.
In an attempt to seem more mature, Ivy provides Collette with contraband otherwise known as makeup to wear on the date. Despite wanting to test her rebellious nature, Collette defies expectations of her family and social life in search of a more meaningful encounter.


Dominique Remy - Writer, Director
Shao Wen Liang - Director of Photography
Meschida Philip - Producer, Second Editor
Nicolas Luna - 1st Assistant Director
Cristina Rodriguez - 2nd Assistant Director, Script Supervisor, Producer
Anoah Levine - Line Producer
Vasthy Mompoint - Associate Producer
Rachel Villegas - Production Assistant
Lisa Gentile - Editor


Kimberly Dolcin - Collette Benoit
Ivy Sanchez - Nicole Romero
Fernando "Nando" Rodriguez - Rolando Chusan
Alan Chen - Nicolas Tom
Maryalta Benoit - Patricia Janvier
Charles Benoit - Atibon Legbo
Esther Benoit - Berlande Millieus
Sade Ali - Vasthy Mompoint


Dominique Remy, 25, is originally from Spring Valley, New York and currently resides in Riverdale, Bronx, New York. She is the only daughter of two Haitian immigrants, Marie and Jean Remy. Dominique studied Journalism and Public Relations at The College of Mount Saint Vincent in Riverdale. Since 2013, Dominique has worked in Public Relations and Marketing for Television, Film and Digital Video by way of Sheila Feren Communications, LLC., JJP, LLC., VideoInk News and currently, Reelio Labs, Inc. Dominique is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Film at The City College of New York. She will be graduating June 2017.

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