Frame Shop
Film by Sam Seifnourian

    Frame Shop


    Set in a frame shop, where the lives of people are being framed, the owner presents his customer with a possibility of putting her age on ice by taking a photo of her. The young woman finds this unprecedented opportunity fascinating and agrees to the shop owner’s proposition. And now, she must face the consequences…


    Writer/director: Sam Seifnourian
    Producer: Natasha Soto
    co-producer: Sam Seifnourian
    Assistant Director: Alexandre Paul Ilic
    Director of Photography: Kalechi Noel
    Assistant(s) Camera: Kaila Keller, Valerie Dozier
    Gaffer(s): Warut Snidvongs, Xaisongkham Induangchanthy
    Sound Recorder and Mixer: Daniel Munro
    Editor: Sam Seifnourian
    Casting: Kanchalee Wijakpaisarn, Marcus Naylor
    Still Photographer: Nikol David


    Michael Dale – Shop Owner
    Nicole Kontolefa – Young Woman


    Film director and writer Sam Seifnourian fell in love with movies at the very young age when he saw The Godfather I on the giant silver screen.

    At the age of seven, he discovered his artistic talents in drawing, and he was the winner of The International Children’s Art in Tokyo. He has been drawing his imaginations on the papers ever since and turning them into the movies.

    Ultimately, Sam went on to study film at Hunter College and studied Cinema in various topics: film history, theory, criticism, aesthetics, and production. During his studies, Sam wrote several short and feature scripts and directed short films, shooting on 16mm film. Prior to his graduation from Hunter College, Sam worked as an assistant director for a short documentary which was promoted by The Mayor's Office of New York. Sam has worked and participated on numerous film and video productions, including his own short films: Cut (2012), Beautiful World (2013), Quandary (2014) and Frame Shop (2015).

    Originally from Tehran, Iran, Sam now lives in New York City and spends most of his time watching movies and reading screenplays while developing his next feature film script -- Another Birth inspired by a poem by legendary Iranian poet, Forugh Farrokhzad.

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