Fly To The Nest
Film by Jingxuan Li

    Fly To The Nest


    This is a short drama about how Jane, a half-American and half-Chinese girl, finds her sense of belonging after the reunion with her half-sister Dena.

    Jane came back to the old apartment that she had spent part of her childhood with her half-sister Dena, who lives here. Dena was too young to remember Jane. Therefore, she thought Jane was just a travelling guest who had booked one of her rooms. Hence, Dena would never expect Jane to trespass her bedroom and “discover” her personal belongings. Although Dena did not know Jane is her sister, she was feeling something special about her “guest”.


    Writer/Director: Jingxuan Li
    Producer: Jingxuan Li
    Co-producer: Lu Zhang
    1st Assistant Director: Jules Tardif
    Director of Photography: Zhejian Cong
    1st Assistant Camera: Paddy Ma
    2nd Assistant Camera:Weiwen Tao, Mingrui He
    Lighting Director : Ruochen Liao
    Key Grip : Haitao Zeng
    Best Boy : Mirjaleed Biteng
    Grips: Yongxiao Yang, Lester Beck
    Sound: Yicheng Li
    Production Designer: Jay Nemar Smith
    Production Manager : Xingchen Yu
    Production Assistants : Zhong Jei Lau, Yongxiao Yang
    Transportation : Xingchen Yu
    Hair&Make-Up : Samantha Gramados
    Editor : Jingxuan Li
    Associate Editor : Jiage Tong


    Izabel Mar as Jane
    Joanna Pauline as Dena


    Jingxuan Li is a Chinese writer and director focusing on fiction and television making. Jingxuan holds a BA in Television and Cinematic Writing (Screenwriting) from Central Academy of Drama, one of the leading art institutes in China, and is currently pursuing a MFA in Film with Fiction track at the City College of New York. Jingxuan has written a couple of television series back in China and both produced and directed a series of short films. She has been working on her own major short film, Fly to the Nest, a thrilled and twisted drama coming out June 2018, since 2017 After almost two years spent at CCNY with resourceful on-field production experience, Jingxuan has gradually trained herself to be not only a script writer, but also a promising and motivated producer and director who wishes to excel in the North America Film industry.

    Jingxuan Li

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