Faring Well
Film by Cristina Rodriguez

    Faring Well


    Gaby and Nicki are on a hike in the woods not long after their father's funeral. Emotions run high as the two women grieve and fight while hiking the familiar trail. Upon reaching the summit to scatter their father's ashes, Nicki suggests they take a moment to appreciate the view. Gaby agrees and the two sit together with their father one last time.


    Writer/Director : Cristina Rodriguez
    Producer : Dominique Remy
    Cinematographer : Shao-Wen Liang
    Assistant Camera: Zi Wei Yao
    Sound Recordist : Nicolas Luna
    Assistant Director #1 : Rituparna Dasdatta
    Assistant Director #2 : Jessie Chang
    Editor : Nicolas Luna
    Music : Maxwell Hughes


    Fiamma Piancentini as Gaby
    Danielle Guido as Nicki


    Born and raised in New York City, Cristina Rodriguez is an American filmmaker. She is of Puerto Rican descent and comes from a large, supportive family. While in high school she joined a film club and upon graduation decided to study film at the university level. After attending CUNY Hunter College and obtaining her Bachelor in Fine Arts degree, she enrolled in the MFA program at the City College of New York. She will make her directorial debut with her thesis film 'Faring Well' at the CityVisions Festival in June 2017.


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