FADING AWAY is a drama about family relationships and the circle of life that we all must eventually face. Gladys, a sick, elderly woman decides to stop taking her medicine. As her health quickly deteriorates, so does her quality of life and possibly even her sanity. This only intensifies an already dysfutional relationship between Gladys and the rest of her family as the inevitable reality sets in that the end of her life is near.


  • Christopher Blazavich

    Christopher Blazavich

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  • Christopher Blazavich

  • Olga Wagner

    Director of Photography
  • Allison Mabe and Aamina Green

    Camera Assistants (1st AC, 2nd AC etc
  • Christopher Blazavich

    Sound Designer
  • Christopher Blazavich

  • Other Credits

  • Daniel Dubei

  • Sam Bellingham

    Sound Mixer
  • Cast & Crew

  • Isobel Roth

  • Ryan M. Shaw

  • Cheryl Ann Palmer

  • Nicky Valentino

    "Young Boy"
  • Delores Bronsan

    "Gladys's Mother"
  • Christopher Blazavich

    Christopher Blazavich is an American writer/director from Marietta, Ohio, studying for his M.F.A. in filmmaking at the City College of New York. He received his B.F.A. from Wright State University, in Dayton, Ohio, where his first short film, ANGELA, DARLING (2017), premiered at the Cleveland International Film Festival and also received a nomination for best screenplay at the CUNY film festival, in New York City. His third short film, FADING AWAY, will be premiering at Cityvisions.

  • Bio

    TJ Ali Bowden

    TJ Ali is a rising filmmaker and TV/Digital Producer having produced linear pilot TV shows for networks BET Networks, NBC Entertainment, REVOLT TV and most recently VICE Media’s VICELAND network. TJ was awarded a fellowship in the International Radio and Television Society program in 2014, which catapulted his career in linear television. TJ is embarking on a new fiction storytelling journey. He lives in New York City and hails from the south side of Chicago.

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