Film by Vivian Rivas



    Zee, an 86-year-old retired teacher decides to go back to the happiest time of her life to make peace with the path she has chosen and reconnect with her students from the early 90’s in East Harlem.

    Most of the students were non-readers, but through her non-traditional methods, they produce a pretty significant body of poetry, which she has kept all these years.

    Looking for the students by making phone calls is taking her nowhere, should she try to learn social media to reconnect with them?

    Finding the kids will give Zee the closure she needs and also a sense of what her legacy is, as a teacher and as a human being.


    Director: Vivian Rivas
    Cinematography: Vivian Rivas
    Producer: Vivian Rivas
    Producer: Magali Capi
    Editor: Vivian Rivas
    Production Sound: Vivian Rivas
    Sound Post and Mix: Quentin Chiapetta
    Colorist: Niko David
    Additional camera: Jorge Gómez
    Additional sound: Fatima Matousse

    “Ebb Tide” music by Robert Maxwell
    Performed by Zee Pacifici
    “Sea Piece” Edward McDowall
    Performed by Zee Pacifici
    “Strange Love” Music and Lyrics by Mel Love
    Performed by Mel Love


    Zee Pacifici
    Alex Estrella
    Teresa Berger
    Mel Love
    Gigi Willis
    Tom O’Hanlon
    Magali Capi
    Mistah Stash
    Ji Youn Peterson


    Guatemalan born, graduated as an Architect in 1990.
    In 1993 she works as a prop-master for the award winning first Guatemalan feature film “The Silence of Neto” and moves to NYC to pursue her passion of filmmaking. She works as a casting director at Morningside Movies until 2001. Then she becomes a union Script Supervisor for commercials and fiction films working all over the US, Mexico, Guatemala, Puerto Rico and Canada.

    At 52 years old, decides to go back to school to get a Masters degree in documentary filmmaking. Her goal is to shoot and direct documentaries about regular people that go through unexpected journeys.

    Vivian Rivas

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