Film by Roee Messinger



    Based on the short story by Uruguayan author Horacio Quiroga, Drifting is the story of a peaceful and serene death. Deep in the South American Jungle, a man is bitten by a snake. Aware of the danger of the snakebite, the man gets on his boat and sets out to reach the nearest town and see the local doctor before his body succumbs to the serpent’s venom.
    The man is in excruciating agony and a growing feeling of numbness caused by the venom begins to take hold of him as he attempts to paddle upriver. Tragically, the numbness causes the man’s pain to subside. The man misconstrues his lack of pain as a sign of convalescence and decides to rest. He lays his head on the back of the boat, which is now drifting aimlessly along the river currents at twilight. Like his boat, the man’s thoughts begin to meander. Unaware of his inevitable death, he doesn’t contemplate his achievements and regrets, but rather allows his thoughts to drift from one mundane thought to the next until one such thought becomes his last.


    Writer/Director – Roee Messinger
    Based on the short story by Horacio Quiroga
    Producer – Jennifer Dean
    DP– Aharon Rothschild
    Editor – Zak Griffler
    AC – Anthony Fonseca Jr.
    Sound Recordist – Kanchalee Wijakpaisarn
    Sound Design & Mix - Kris Chevannes
    Special Effects & Make Up – Tad Greene
    AD – Gabe Caldwell
    Stunt Coordinator – Jay Amor
    Music composer – Tali Rubinstein
    Music producer – Dalton Harts
    Music Preformers – Tali Rubinstein & Asher Kurtz
    Social Media Consultant – Alona Volinsky


    Alexander Elisa


    The son of a Swiss father and an Argentine mother, Roee Messinger was born in Israel, raised in Mexico and educated in the United States. He started playing the violin when he was 4 years old, and has been dabbling with different forms of creative expression such as poetry, playwriting, drawing and sculpting ever since.

    During his mandatory military service in Israel Roee grew more and more enamored of the art of Filmmaking. He started making up stories and that he would imagine visually, and would tell them to himself in shots and scenes. It was during this time that he began to dream of becoming a filmmaker.

    Once out of the army, Roee enrolled at Tel Aviv University’s Honors Program of Arts & Humanities where he studied Theatre, film, philosophy and history. Roee believed then and still believes to this day, that it is primordial for an artist and a storyteller to consolidate an intellectual foundation to base his craft and his stories upon.

    This May Roee has graduated from the MFA Program at City College of New York under the sponsorship of the prestigious Fulbright Fellowship for international students. Looking ahead, Roee is already planning his next project which he hopes will be shot in New York City next summer.

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