Cloud Kumo
Film by Yvonne Ng

    Cloud Kumo


    Cloud Kumo is a film that recounts the tragedy of the Hiroshima Bombing through the intertwined tales of Satoko, an atomic bomb survivor and Reiko, her granddaughter. We follow them on a poetic journey of the inner strength and hope in humanity.


    Written and Directed by Yvonne Ng
    Executive producers: Loy Boon Yang, Ng Boon Long, Lim Hai Teck, Molly Ng, Lim Kee Hua, Mavis Ng
    Associate Producers: Angie Lim, Lim Hai Meng, Lim Hai Chua, Lim Hai Liang
    Produced by Natasha Soto, Tohru Mishima, Tomoko Nishizaki
    Edited by Spencer Morin
    Music by Yasuhiko Fukuoka
    Cinematography by Luigi Benvisto A.IC
    Costume Design by Youri Kwon, Ritsuko Sawai
    Make-up by: Elena Thompoulou, Akemi Kawamoto
    Production Design by Valeria De Felice, Mendel Jonkers


    Michiko Ishii


    Yvonne is an international award winning commercial photographer and visual artist. She is currently advancing her visual craft into film making. Her quest for pushing the boundaries of visual imaging has landed her in directing several shorts including Perro(2015), Vang II (2015) and a short documentary, Hiroki Sakamoto Olivetti Typewriter Restorer (2014). She is also the Director of Photography on several shorts such as, Robbie(2015), Foreclosed(2015), Astral Migrant (2016) and Time is the Longest Distance(2016). She has just completed her first foreign short film, Cloud-Kumo, which is also her thesis for her Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Film and Production with City College of New York. She is now on a path to creating more creative works with both film and photography.

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